To the seasoned self-improvement warrior. No obstacle to meditation has ever deterred them since they are known to resort to innovative and even esoteric methods to succeed in their quest. (Don’t be surprised if you see your neighborhood Olympic champion packing a copy of this book and rushing off for a sudden vacation ! Or if the countries of the Eurasian region make the Simple Technique a part of their school/ sports curriculum !) Seasoned self-improvement warriors take nothing for granted since they are constantly questioning and double checking all their painfully accumulated knowledge. And keenly aware of the immense dangers of riding hard and rough shod over the self-improvement path, they are also constantly seeking out the ideal meditation teacher — a demanding task since the best are almost always outside the mainstream. The authors salute their indefatigable spirit and hope that the Simple Technique benefits even those amongst them whose every effort to meditate has been consistently frustrated for years (even decades) due to some reason or the other.


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