Yes, you can ! The unique message in our book demands that it be spread, without hassles of any kind, to every nook and corner of the world and the quickest way to do so is to publish it on a site like this as a single format webbook which even those with an old computer and an Internet connection may access from anywhere in the world. This unrestricted form of try-before-you-buy was once the norm in every brick-and-mortar bookshop ! (Even ereaders are able to browse the Internet these days and may be used to access the COMPLETE TEXT of our webbook. Some of the older ereaders have little known but limited, web browsing capabilities. If not, you may save our webbook, convert it into the format of your choice (.epub, .mobi, PDF, etc) and load it onto your ereader – a bit tricky, but doable ! In fact, one of our volunteers has reported that he was able to view PDF files in his Kindle reading app. If you are reading this webbook on a tablet, you can simulate the ereader experience, to a certain extent, by enabling reflow text in Firefox.)

Since we are in the midst of putting our manuscript through a final intensive round of editing, you will actually be able to see these updates every time you visit this site. These edits are focused on tidying up the manuscript and there will not be any significant changes in the instructions for performing the Simple Technique. We are also pruning out a few points that have inadvertently been repeated throughout the manuscript. By fall, the substantially revamped third edition will also be available in the ereader and print markets. By the end of this year, we hope to have collected enough money from our readers to release a few official translations. (Translations are ridiculously expensive and since they run into more than a thousand dollars per language we may have to outsource most of the translation process to volunteers !)

Payment instructions : If you like this webbook, please read all the payment instructions on this page carefully, before clicking on this Paypal link. (Even non Paypal a/c holders can use this link. Click on Pay with my credit/ debit card to complete remitting your payment. Paypal a/c holders who do not have a credit card, may pay by eCheck.) We have decided not to set a fixed price for this web edition. You may send any amount between US$ 2.99 and US$ 9.99. Add US$ 1.00 as money transfer and currency conversion fees. Fill in this amount (in US dollars) in the Item Price field and click on Update. (For example : if you chose to pay US$ 5.00 for our webbook, type 6 in the Item Price field, click on update. In case you come across any fields such as VAT, etc. they may be left blank). If you are living in India, the core banking system allows you to transfer money from any bank in India to our publisher’s a/c : State Bank of India Savings Bank A/c No.10031033173. Name of a/c holder : Nishant S. Branch code : 3274. IFSC Code : SBIN0003274. Branch address (new) : E 33, 2nd Avenue, Chennai – 600090. Send any amount between Rs.150/- and Rs.600/- (you don’t have to include money transfer/ currency conversion fees).

Paypal a/c holders : If for some reason the above link is not working, login directly to your Paypal a/c and remit the amount of your choice (plus US$ 1.00 for money transfer and currency conversion fees) in the currency of your choice to STNFoundation@gmail.com

Non Paypal a/c holders : If you are unable to send us the money, due to some issue or the other, your best option is to get in touch with a friend/ relative in some other country and ask them to forward the amount to us on your behalf. Though we are aware of other non Paypal options, we can only introduce them at a later date as we are currently busy with the final touches to this webbook.

Affiliate marketers : Formal business agreements are not necessary. The cheapest way to transfer money to us is to transfer large amounts through web-sites like http://www.xe.com or you may contact the State Bank of India branch in your country. Give them (xe.com or SBI) our publisher’s India SB a/c no. and the following SWIFT code : SBININBB291

Xe.com is a Canadian-based currency exchange services company and has no connection to other firms of the same name (unless specified).

Trouble-shooting : Have you enabled cookies as well as the display images option ? Try closing your browser and all open programs and restarting your machine. Changing browsers/ devices usually takes care of any problem you may face in using the Paypal web-site to send your payments.

Besides this site, Twitter is the only other place where we are a bit regular with updates. Since this project demands full time attention, we may be able to seriously interact with our beloved readers only from next year onwards. But you may start interacting with each other at our Twitter Nest (sign in with your Twitter a/c) or our Facebook page.

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