About The Book

While the original manuscript of this webbook was being prepared, we came across a few sentences in the New York Times article titled “Genius : The Modern View” by David Brooks, which had serendipitously encapsulated and validated the scientific premise of this book (see 10th & 11th paras of the article that refer to a Russian tennis academy). Though this premise is nothing but sheer common sense, it seems to have been largely neglected in traditional meditation training.

The greatest self improvement books ever written, invariably stress upon the regular, sincere and intense practice of concentration/ meditation techniques. While this has led to the intense study and practice of meditation on a global scale, meditation practitioners, in general, are not aware of a certain psychological principle that can enable them to meditate at an unprecedentedly high level of efficiency. As far as we know, this principle is taught only in this book.

The third chapter (Case study) clearly illustrates how the practical teachings of this book were successfully applied in a real life situation. This chapter starts off with the brief background of a young man and how he developed a deep interest in meditation. Just before he took part in the case study, he had been recuperating from an unusually long (6 months) period of illness.  Keen to alleviate the enormous amount of mental stress that he was undergoing, he had tried to revive his regular program of meditation.  Devastated to find that he was mentally incapable of meditating for even a few seconds without experiencing a sharp mental twinge of pain, he turned to the practical teachings contained in this book and shocked & surprised himself by being able to meditate like a monk ON THE VERY FIRST DAY OF THE CASE STUDY.

This book is targeted at :

1. Beginners who don’t know anything about meditation. (The first chapter will teach you a meditation technique for beginners).
2. Monks who don’t know how to meditate like a monk !
3. Martial arts students/ sports persons who would like to practice their usual concentration techniques in a more efficient manner so as to perform better than their best in their respective fields of activity.
4. Professionals & academics who would like to meditate in a more efficient manner so as to perform better than their best in their respective fields of activity.
5. Stressed out individuals who would like to practice their usual relaxation techniques in a more efficient manner so as to enter a deeper and more profound state of stillness.

Disclaimer : This book does NOT teach you a new concentration/ meditation technique. What it does is teach you how to practice the techniques that you already know, at an unprecedentedly high level of efficiency. The power that this book can unleash in your mind and consequently in your life hinges crucially on how much effort you are willing to put into regular, sincere practice. The authors sincerely hope that all readers make it a point to practice weekly if not daily. This book is not meant to replace your current self-improvement program. Hence, you are requested to continue working under your trusted healers, therapists, meditation teachers, etc. This book does NOT contain religious propaganda of any sort, making it eminently suitable for even ATHEISTS who are interested only in self-improvement.

(The print edition of this book contains approximately 70 pages.)

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